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The Friend Historical Society is constantly evolving to meet not only the original mission of restoring the Warren Building including the Opera House, but to meld the needs of the community to the potential offered by the Opera House parts and pieces as they come online.

Some events we have hosted, for example, are as diverse as the Friend High School Junior Senior Prom (San Carlo Room) and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s Opera Presentation.

Eclipse Party

 Total Eclipse Party hosted by Friend Historical Society

Over 130 participants for Magic Show! Jolly Bean and company from Lincoln presenters with special lunch by Historical Society, and piano by Julie! Last picture Jolly Bean, magician, with funding providers for Jolly Bean, Mary Ann Losh and Carolyn Taylor & Jim Taylor (not pictured).



Kentucky Derby

May 5 Ladies celebrating Kentucky Derby 🐎 with amazing hats and mint juleps

Andrew Cemetery

In 2017, as part of the Nebraska 150 Celebration, many presentations on the history of Friend were sponsored by the Friend Historical Society. On May 21 the Andrew Cemetery History was presented along with photos of historic homes and grave markers of families who looked lived there.