The Friend Historical Society is a fully qualified 501c3 corporation. This means that some of any donations made to the Society may be tax deductible. Since our very existence depends on the generous donations of our members we urge you to contact your accountant and see if this might be advantageous to you.

The Nebraska Tax Credit Program is also a tool we use to help recruit donations. Basically 40 percent or more of any donation made can be deducted from your Nebraska taxes depending on each individuals circumstances.

If you have any questions as to where to start, just give us a call and we will be happy to help guild you though the simple process of making a donation.

In 2016 the organization qualified for the third year to take part in the Nebraska Tax Credit Program which allows for a 40% or more tax credit for donations made to the organization by businesses or individuals depending upon your tax status. The restoration of the opera house continues to be the focus of the group.  FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call 402-366-1132

Send Contributions to: Friend Historical Society PO Box 174, Friend, NE 68359

All gifts are tax deductible. FHS is a 501(c)(3) Organization.


  • Monetary Donation
  • Gifts of Grain
  • Estate Gifts
  • Traditional RMB
  • IRA
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K Gift Annuity
  • Savings Bonds
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Bequests in your will
  • POD gifts
  • GoFundMe


  • Copper     $250-$499
  • Silver        $500-$999
  • Gold          $1000-$4999
  • Platinum    $5000-$9999
  • Diamond    $10,000 and Up


  • Giving tours of the opera house
  • Ushering for Historical Society activities
  • Serving food at Historical Society activities
  • Setting up for Historical Society Activities e.g. children’s theater/opera
  • Yard work
  • Cleaning
  • Furnishing cookies for activities
  • Assisting at activities
  • Developing event posters
  • Distributing event posters around Friend and the surrounding communities


An IRA rollover has several significant tax advantages. It allows you to give from pre-tax assets. If do not itemize or are subject to charitable deduction limits, the IRA still allows you to give while receiving tax benefits. An IRA rollover gift could also help you to give while receiving tax benefits. An IRA rollover gift could also help you avoid income that could push you into a higher tax bracket.

If you are 70 or older, you can use your individual retirement account (IRA) to help support the Friend Historical Society. To learn more, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and work with you.

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